Where children sleep

Where children sleep

Cultural context is everything. It’s important that our children understand they are part of the world and appreciate that their reality is not everyone else’s reality. These pictures provide wonderful resources for all sorts of things let alone thought-provoking discussion.


Practicing the present perfect and comparatives with a pop video that demonstrates use of photoshop

Here’s a great opportunity to practise the present perfect with your students. (upper-intermediate/advanced)

1.Pre: listening – general discussion about the uses and abuses of photo-shop. How is photo-shop used in the world around us? How can photo-shopped photos potentially be harmful to us?
2. Tell the class that they are about to watch a songclip (not in English) that demonstrates how photo-shop changes what we see. Tell them to make notes as to what changes are made to the singer’s looks via photo-shop throughout the clip.
3. After watching the video ask the students what changes have been made to the singer’s looks by the end of the video. Teacher models sentences using the present perfect tense such as
‘Photo-shop has changed the colour of her eyes.’

Students discuss other changes they notice.
The song could provoke further discussion or be a basis for any type of work on this topic or something similar.